I am looking for people to translate the Apps in several languages : German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and many others...

It's fast and easy, and you can get reward for having helped me : free Premium app !

Welcome !

I am developper of Apps for Android.
These site is here to help you get better support, than the one provided through Google Play.

Up to now, only a contact form is available, but i may provide a Forum and/or F.A.Q if too many requests come to me. Mail is anyway the fastest way for you to get reply, as i can answer from 1 to 10 hours most of time.

Do not hesitate to ask any improvements, I already have some good requests (like the theme changing), and some of them needed only a couple of days to be added to the apps. I'm also very interested of bug solving. I've got some hard time at the beginning with older phones/android version, but to my mind, most of them are now solved.

I hope my apps will suit your needs, and if not, that my support will help you to get it better!

Apps :